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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What can be made into a custom design?

Nearly any image can be used, the higer resolution the better.

What files are suitable?

Any image file can be sent, .png is preferable. If you have a vector file even better.

How long will the design take?

We aim to reply within a few hours where you will be given an approximate time scale.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Your design will be made into a proof and sent to you for confirming it is ok. Once confirmed it will be add to the production schedule where you will receive a day when it should be ready for dispatch.

What Materials can used

We can Laser cut most materials with the exception of metals and some plastics. Engraving is possible to most materials also.

If you wish to supply your own material for cutting or engraving, please contact us to ensure it is suitable for use in the process.

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